Sink your teeth into the world’s first...


*100% plant-based

*animal free

*cholesterol free

*nitrate free




Corned Beef, that happens to be exceptionally delicious, made from the best stuff on Earth (beets, chickpeas, tomatoes, oh my!).... 

People from all around agree it tastes as good, if not even better than the real thing, and most people who eat it, without being told, can’t even tell the difference! 


This is Unreal Deli… get yours.

Featuring, The Shark Favorite: 2.5 lbs of Sliced to perfection Unreal Corned Beef, coming straight to your door.


For a smaller sampling, try the 1 lb box of Sliced Unreal Corned Beef. 5-6 meaty sandwiches can come from this puppy.

Check out the Whole Collection​ here of sliced and unsliced Unreal Corned Beef, for an imminent sandwich party shipped directly to

your door!

Unreal Corned Beef Keeps frozen 6 months & refrigerated 4 weeks for maximum enjoyment.